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Throughout its history, Cleveland has earned a reputation as a music-listening community with a rich musical history. From its beginnings as the home of the Cleveland Orchestra to its rise in the 1960s and 1970s, it has earned an international reputation for music, but the rise of hip-hop and other alternative music in recent years has brought about profound changes in Cleveland's music business.

Others who come mainly from other countries but contribute include ERNEST BLOCH, who came to Cleveland to lead the newly founded Cleveland Institute of Music, and Raymond Wilding, the founder of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. The closing festival, which honored Ludwig van Beethoven, also honored the composer ALBERT GEHRING from Cleveland and united the work of many of the most famous composers, musicians and artists from Cleveland. There are currently more than 30 Cleveland Orchestras in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, but most of them are able to entertain and represent Cleveland in their own way.

Ms. Kotlarsic has performed with the Cleveland Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Ohio City Cello Choir and other orchestras. She has been to Cleveland and has an active teaching studio in Cleveland, Ohio, where she conducts the Akron Symphony Orchestra and Cleveland State University and performs regularly in chamber and orchestral ensembles. For three years she was concertmaster of the Heights Symphony and played in the pit orchestra and in school musicals. In Cleveland, she has appeared as a soloist in a number of concerts, in concert halls, and on television and radio shows, including "Cleveland Music Night" and "Cleveland Music Show" on PBS.

Rubel's works have been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Her work is currently on display at the American Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

He has performed in performances throughout Northeast Ohio, including many community theater performances. He has also taught music to children in many other locations around the city, including the Akron Public Library, Ohio State University School of Music, where he is a drumline instructor, and has organized a variety of workshops to provide a unique cultural and artistic perspective for the children of Akron and other communities in Ohio and beyond.

He has performed in performances throughout Northeast Ohio, including many community theater performances. He has also performed with the Akron Symphony Orchestra, the Akron Public Library, the Ohio State University School of Music, and many other local and regional organizations.

Mike spent the first two decades of his career developing an award-winning choir program for high school choirs. Today, he teaches classical rock music classes at Walsh University and leads a select community choir in Lakewood. He was named Composer of the Year 2012 by the Ohio Music Teachers Association and is currently Music Director of the Akron Symphony Orchestra, where he leads the Orchestra of Akron and the Cleveland Orchestra Choir. The band offers a wide range of performances including march, jazz, blues, classical, folk, rock, pop, country, hip-hop, reggae and jazz.

Shaker singers are members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra Choir, Akron Orchestra and Cleveland State University Choirs. The wind player is a member of the Akron Orchestra and the choir of the Ohio State Orchestra, the Akron Symphony Choir.

The Concert Symphonic Bands will end the program with "Let Hope Reign" by Larry Neeck and the Shaker Chorale. The Concert Orchestra, together with the Cleveland Orchestra Choir, will present a special performance of the "First Concert of 2015" by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.

The Heights High School Percussion Ensemble will then perform "Gypsy Dance" by James Campbell, arranged by ensemble director Larry A. Smith. The Cleveland Orchestra Choir, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and Shaker Chorale will perform a special performance of Larry Neeck's "First Concert of 2015." In this midweek concert we play the music of John Williams' "The Great American Songbook" and "The Song of Love and Peace." We will perform "A Song for the New Year," a song from the book by John Lennon.

I have been attending the Reach Heights Music Camp for five years, and I once worked there as a consultant. I learned a lot from my former teacher about how the role of a musician can and should include more than just making music, "he said. The class developed a great ability to recognize, understand, analyze, describe and perform the theoretical aspects of music.

In middle school, Emma became interested in the Chamber Program, also at CIM, and in the same year she joined the Chagrin Falls Studio Orchestra and began to take on a full-time position as a member of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. The CLEVELAND GRAND ORCHESTRA was created in 1909 when it played a series of Citizens Pop Concerts (for the 1904-05 season, it was simply advertised in the brochure as the Cleveland Orchestra). The series continued in 1910-11 with the orchestra, which is now called the CLEVELand Symphony Orchestra.

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