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Welcome back to the latest FreshWater Cleveland recruitment series, where we introduce growing companies with vacancies and what they are looking for and how to apply. To help you find a job, here are some recently advertised jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, powered by ZipRecruiter. This established HR service is looking for experienced sales and marketing professionals with experience in marketing, sales management and customer service to strengthen our sales team.

Responsibilities include increasing revenue by communicating with customers, making phone calls while driving with sales teams, and monitoring analyst conversations. The tasks in this position include assessing the effectiveness of alumni communication, promoting philanthropy through strategic communication, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

If you are a local entrepreneur looking for a new employee, you can use this form to post a job listing on Patch to help you apply faster. We are looking for a sales representative in Hudson to make some money for Christmas! We are looking for candidates who can commit to a full-time position with at least one year of retail experience.

This person will manage relationships in the Automotive Branch Facility, implement industry and market plans, ensure that customers are adequately served, resolve customer complaints, maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders, provide excellent service to customers and the public, and manage and implement customer relations and customer service procedures.

The Cleveland Foundation will harness the power of philanthropy to help the Cleveland metropolitan area become the largest American city. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community for future generations by working with our donors to build community foundations, invest wisely, provide fair grants, and provide leadership on key community issues. We respect the intention of donors and maintain the trust of the community by being transparent and accessible to our partners. Together as donors and partners, we will make internationally recognized contributions to Cleveland's local, state and national communities.

We recognise that social, racial and economic injustices persist in communities around the world and we appreciate the importance of addressing the root causes of systemic problems. We are determined to ensure that our work, businesses and community partnerships help to build and maintain the long-term inclusive and equitable infrastructure necessary for the prosperity of the people of Greater Cleveland. Our mission: to develop talent, challenge the status quo, learn from success and failure, seek best practices for improvement, and be open to diverse ideas.

With an emphasis on transparency, accessibility and fulfillment of our mission, we meet our highest ethical and moral standards. LeafFilter Rutter Protectioncultivates a passionate and inspired team with the support of an excellent workplace culture. We are honored that our efforts to support our employees have been recognized at local and national level. Every day in the workplace, with our colleagues and in our community, you live a life of integrity, respect and respect for the people of the greater Cleveland area.

The Cleveland Foundation, which has always been guided by its mission, vision and values, is celebrating its centenary as one of the nation's leading colleges. The Foundation was recognized for its leadership in education, philanthropy, research and community engagement. It is named after its founder John F. Kennedy Jr., and has received more than $1.5 billion in grants from the US government.

PGT Trucking provides solid careers and foundations - building families, and FleetPride is for the best and brightest people in the business. Crate & Barrel is a leading domestic retailer with over 1,000 stores in over 100 countries and over 1.5 million square feet of retail space in 50 states and Canada.

Specific tasks include filling needs, managing existing accounts and helping to provide customer advice. Purpose: The primary responsibility of the Customer Service Representative is to support Pine's customers by responding to their needs and customer service needs.

This is a part-time position responsible for administrative, clerical and support tasks of the incumbent. This official will perform basic security tasks, successfully fulfil customer requirements and will not cause conflicts with a level-head mentality. Purpose: This body will act as a management body and ensure that patients receive high-quality care.

Interested parties should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in nursing, health management or related fields. A valid driving licence and background test as well as at least two years of experience in a hospital or medical facility are required. Condition: The required qualification includes at least one year of medical training and / or nursing education.

Prospective customers should be able to cope with the maximum post weight, stand for a longer period of time and pass drug screening before starting work. Qualified applicants will have a valid driving licence and background test, as well as a background check for alcohol and / or drug use. You have a bachelor's or equivalent in nursing, health management or related fields and have at least one year of medical training or education.